Waves Hair Studio is my favorite place to get my hair done! The atmosphere is peaceful and relaxing, and the staff are experts at what they do! I like to change up my hair a lot, and Waves is always up for the task. I have been happy with all of the new and different styles and highlights that I have had done at Waves! It is nice to go to a place where I don’t have to worry about the stylist not caring or taking the time to do the job right. The staff at Waves always listen to what I want done, and they have always left me thrilled with my hair style!

Kelly Morley

Shanté I have to tell you I was stopped by strangers today commenting on how beautiful my highlights are and asking me where I get my hair done! When times get tough you keep your chin up and push right on through the negativity! Keep doing what you do girl because your work speaks for itself! And Thank you, I’m honored to be your model.

–Shelly Shelton

I have been a loyal customer of Waves Hair Studio since its opening. It is difficult to find a salon that meets all my needs, yet Waves has done just that and more. The fresh beach décor transforms you the moment you walk through the door, no matter what the weather is outside. The staff is accomplished in styling and color, and they continue to attend hair shows to keep up with current trends. I feel they understand what I want, but are not afraid to make suggestions to keep me looking my best. Another reason I continue to return to Waves is that their pricing for services is very affordable. I have paid a third more for the same cut and color in other salons. Stacey and Shante are like having a stylist/therapist rolled into one, I always leave the salon looking and feeling fabulous! If you are looking for an affordable salon with trendy/friendly staff, look no further… Waves is your place!

–Kelly Kanney

I met Stacey the day before I was getting married and I was in a panic! I needed a fly cut and I was worried because it had been years since I had gotten my hair done and been100% happy. I’ve been a loyal and happy friend and customer ever since. Stacey is always willing to do whatever I want done to my hair, even when my ideas are a little out there. I also trust her to do what she thinks will look best and my hair always looks amazing. I’m always getting complements on my hair and referring new clients to Waves. Stacey and Shante have an amazing following, they have clients that have followed them from salon to salon and now they have Waves to call their home, I couldn’t be prouder of them both.

Wheadon Dance